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Press Releases from YMC Europe GmbH: (16 total)
1. Versatile (U)HPLC-hybrid columns, now also in C8!
2. IEX columns for material screening and method development
3. The YMC HG-series: High Quality low price silica material
4. Easy handling with Kronlab Pilot columns
5. FAT for binary prep. HPLC-System
6. Preparative Chiral Purifications with YMC*Gel Chiral NEA
7. Pilot columns made to measure!
8. YMC-Triart Prep - Application Note: Separation of structurally similar peptides at pH ≥ 7
9. New brochure "YMC Phases for Biochromatography"
10. Regulatory Support File for YMC-BioPro now available
11. Scalable and pH stable: New C8 and C18 hybrid phases
12. Facing the challenge of efficiency in bio-pharmaceutical industry
13. New hybrid material in HPLC: YMC-Triart C18
14. Ion Exchange Media for High Resolution Purifications of Biomolecules
15. The Bio-Chromatographers’ wish
16. Melamine in pet-food
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